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They say standing in front of a mirror naked is the epitome of being honest with yourself. Staring at your unfiltered reflection brings about an undeniable clarity you can’t find anywhere else. Parry Adams challenges this with her no bells-and-whistles musical approach.

Through clear personal reflections and revealing tugs at human nature, her music sparks the same sensation.
In a sea of psychedelic lights and costumes gone overboard, Adams’ debut EP partners simply intelligent piano arrangements with face-value lyrics that don’t mask their meanings. Complimented by cheerful guitar lines and pulsing drums, Adams’ showcases the ordinary in an extraordinary light.

The driving force behind Adams' music remains her voice, which she’s never hesitated to use. Her raw writing style, combined with her soulful sound, deliver a strong shot of honesty. Her tender tone warms her candid manner, trading in harsh observations for sincerity and introspection. These ingredients are key in the recipe of “Puzzle Piece,” and are also consistent to Adams’ edge.
“I always aim to investigate the truth rather than dress it up or hide behind it,” Adams says. “Straying from this approach in my music just wouldn’t be me.” Adams’ refreshing ability to pump authentic messages to the surface is more crucial in connecting to more people than ever before. She’s already connected with talents like Bryan Fenkart and John McLaughlin.

Parry Adams may not always tell you what you want to hear, but <we know> you’re going to want to hear this. Just be careful if you’re asking for break-up advice or how your new haircut looks.

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